Your Guide to Understanding the Law

As a Milford, Connecticut lawyer, Joseph B. Barnes, Attorney At Law, has extensive experience practicing in a range of legal arenas. In these articles, he discusses various matters of the law and sheds light on some common misconceptions.

The Back Story of the Law and Its Drawbacks

There are those that idolize the law, and there are those that despise it. The truth is, it's a mixed bag. Attorney Barnes explains how.

Understanding Corporate Law

Corporate law is something anybody can understand. Let Attorney Barnes point out some details you might not have known.

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified DUI Attorney in Connecticut

Whether or not you are facing DUI charges, here are some key points you should know. You need a lawyer to tell you the details--find them right here.

When Do You Need a Lawyer to Fight for Child Custody?

Who better to answer the question than Attorney Barnes, who has worked long and hard on child custody cases big and small.

Determining Paternity: A Daunting Task

If you're having doubts about paternity, don't wait to seek legal counsel. Barnes explains why in this intriguing article.

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